There's no better way to find out WHO should be doing YOUR inspections than by asking the RIGHT questions!

  • What licenses and certifications do you have and are they current? Can you send me to a link that will show these as verified?

  • What continuing education do you have to log in order to remain certified or licensed?

  • How many years experience do you have in this field of inspections?

  • Are you insured with professional contractors liability, errors and omissions and other required coverage? Can you verify this?

  • Do you also perform remediation services or do you have a financial interest in a remediation company? This could be a conflict of interest and is not allowable in states requiring licensing of mold pros.

  • Do you use Infrared Thermography for moisture detection and are you Certified?

  • Do you follow industry standards when you recommend corrective or remediation measures?

  • Do you have positive ratings and reviews on third-party sites from verified clients?

  • Will I be able to contact you for consultation if I don't understand your report?

  • Can you back up your findings with documented evidence?

  • Do you do a full assessment of a home, including moisture mapping, interior HVAC inspection, crawlspace inspection before any sampling so you know what you are targeting?

Did you know that in NC and SC there is NO regulation on the mold industry? A person can become a "certified" mold inspector with little to no quality training, buy some sampling equipment and dupe you into thinking you are hiring an experienced professional. Don't fall for it! Any novice can run an air sample and send it to a lab! Are they going to know WHAT to look for in an inspection, HOW to interpret the findings, USE the right equipment to find hidden problems, know WHY the problem is happening, and ADVISE you on how to solve the issues found? Do they have the  training that is necessary to write remediation recommendations or protocols for you if needed? NO????? Then DON'T HIRE THEM!

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