Since 1995 we have been at the forefront of indoor air quality issues and solutions. We are experts in our field - licensed, certified, insured and ready to help you... 




Our Mission

Creating healthier indoor living and work spaces through inspection, assessment, diagnosis and recommendations for solutions.

We specialize in working with those who are mold-sensitized, have mold illness and multiple chemical sensitivities among other environmentally impacted individuals.

What We Do

Inspections Include:

  • Infrared Thermography for Moisture and Air Leak Detection
  • Moisture Metering near Plumbing, Windows, Doors, Ceilings, Floors
  • Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature, Relative Humidity
  • Airborne Small Particle Counts
  • Visual Check Interiors, Exteriors, Site and Foundation Drainage 
    • If Accessible: 
      • Crawlspaces
      • HVAC Systems
      • Attics
  • Optional remediation protocol writing, specializing in mold-sensitized occupant needs
  • Sampling for Lab Analysis As Needed or Requested:
    • Air Mold Spore Counts and Identification
    • Surface Mold Sampling
    • ERMI and HERTSMI-2 Relative Moldiness Index Sampling
    • Mycotoxin and EMMA Testing (Certified with Real Time Lab)
    • VOCs (Airborne Chemicals)
    • MVOCs (Airborne Mold Chemicals)
    • Formaldehyde
    • Endotoxins and Other Bacterial Toxins
    • Sewage Detection
    • Legionella or other specific bacteria
    • Infectious Germs, ie MRSA, Strep, Staph, Various Panel Combos
    • Instant Contaminant Screenings for Surfaces
  • Hundreds of homes inspected in Charlotte NC and surrounding regions:
    • Mold and Water Damage
    • Remediation Recommendations
    • Crawlspace Inspections
    • Basement Water Intrusion Issues
    • Post-Remediation Inspections
    • Pre-Purchase Inspections
    • Inspections for Mold Sensitized or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
    • Air Chemicals (VOCs) and Odor Detection
    • Formaldehyde Testing
    • Tobacco Smoke Detection
    • HVAC System Contamination
    • LEED v4 Indoor Environmental Quality Testing
  • Commercial inspections:
    • Chemical Contaminants and Fumes
    • OSHA Compliance Requirements
    • Sewage Contamination
    • Legionella Bacterial Testing
    • Mold and Water Damage
    • HVAC System Contamination
    • LEED IEQ
  • Schools:
    • Air Quality Testing
    • Mold Testing
    • Special Needs Odor Control
    • Infection Control
  • Nursing Homes:
    • Odor Control
    • Air Quality Testing
  • HUD and CHA Homes:
    • HUD Compliance Mold Inspections
    • HUD Compliance Mold Remediation or Post-Cleaning Inspections
  • Property Management:
    • Confidential Inspections